Located in Indonesia’s West Papua Province, the Raja Ampat Archipelago is at the heart of the most biodiverse marine region on Earth—the Coral Triangle. Largely unexplored by scientists until recently, new marine species are being discovered here on a regular basis. Coral reefs in Raja Ampat are not only the world’s most biodiverse, but they are also some of the most pristine. More than 500 species of coral and more than 1,300 species of fish have been recorded here.

Our trip takes you on an exploration of this remote archipelago aboard a 112-foot motored schooner. Selecting ideal snorkeling sites daily, we will immerse ourselves in diverse and unique marine habitats, exploring multiple islands. Morning excursions will provide opportunities to see the equally diverse bird life, including the magnificent Red Bird of Paradise, Kingfishers, and Sea Eagles.

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Sardine reef

The site is a very large underwater pinnacle, which is oval in shape and about 200m long, with a reef top at around 5m and gently sloping sides down to the flat sandy seabed at about 25m. The current “splits” there and flows both down the northern and southern flanks of the pinnacle and over the top along the reef top. You can expect to see large schools of fusiliers, sardines, damsels, banner fish, butterfly fish, sweetlips and snappers frequent the site, triggerfish and predators such as barracuda, Spanish mackerel, Jacks and giant trevallies can be seen as well. Then there is the black tipped reef sharks, white tipped reef sharks and even grey reef sharks.

Melissa’s garden

Searching for the wobbegong shark? Here’s where you will find it! Located in the Jet Fam Islands, a group of islets and limestone islands on the west side of Batanta Island which is considered to be among the best diving spots in Raja Ampat and the place to see the strange and impressive wobbegong as well as manta ray’s, great barracuda’s and maroon clownfish hiding inside the anemones. This is the one dive spot you absolutely can’t miss.

Keruo channel

A narrow channel runs between the Keruo channel with towering sheer cliffs up each side. The dive site runs along the western wall of the channel, and can be either started from the north or the south depending on which way the current is flowing. The dive site is a spectacular wall covered in colourful sponges and nudibranchs. The bottom is at 35m but stay at 25m and drift along with the mild current as the tender follows you from above. This is another site that ends with a sheltered shallow reef that is great for some reflection photos with the trickling lighting.

Cape kri

Cape Kri holds the world record for the site with the largest number of species referenced in one single dive! The crossroads of different currents at the tip of the island of Kri has created an incredible variety of fauna and flora – all kinds of sharks, many schools of fish, amazing coral diversity, specimens for macro fans…everything is there! Sometimes, it’s enough to just dive down, cling to a rock, and enjoy the show! You never ever return disappointed from a dive at Cape Kri!!

Arborek jetty

The famous Arborek jetty, where thousands, if not millions of fish surround your every move. Where your site is stolen by schools, and your skin is touched by magic. There is truly nowhere else like this in the world, and we actually recommend freediving here rather than diving. The jetty itself starts at around 2m and goes down to around 10, so freediving and snorkelling actually gives you a better experience. You cannot come to Raja Ampat and not come to Arborek jetty.

Raja Ampat Tour
Raja Ampat Tour Package
Raja Ampat Papua Tour

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DEPARTURE TIME Tour will be pick upat 09.00 AM at selected Hotel
RETURN TIME Approximately 6:30 PM.
  • Hat
  • Sunscreen,
  • Insect repellent,
  • Sport shoes.
Accommodation overnight on Boat Meals as per ittinerary
Local guide Boat to Raja Ampat
Snorkeling Equipment Boat Rental for 3days
Airlines Ticket
Guide tips

The schedule/ittinerary of the tour may be adjusted to the curent conditions


Arrive in Sorong - Raja Ampat (L,D)

PUpon arrive in Sorong Airport our guide will pick them up and do sing seeing tour around Sorong before leaving to Raja Ampat at 2 O’clock in the day time. Take a lunch in one of good restaurant in Sorong City. Around 1 O’clock transfer to port of Sorong and pay for entrance fee to Raja Ampat. It does take 2 hours by boat to your accommodation in Wasai. Stay over night at Maras Risen Hotel. Late afternoon you may exploring the way of life of native people in Wasai. Dinner at Hotel

Raja Ampat tour (B,L,D)

Full day tour with boat in Raja Ampat. You can do diving 2x a day or snorkeling or swimming. Lunch have provided. Late afternoon boating back to your hotel for dinner.


Raja Ampat tour (B,L,D)

Full day tour with boat in Raja Ampat. You can do diving 2x a day or snorkeling or swimming. Lunch have provided. Late afternoon boating back to your hotel for dinner.

Raja Ampat Tour Package


Raja Ampat - Sorong (B,L,D)

After breakfast, wait our motorize boat to transfer back from Raja Ampat to Sorong. Arrive in Sorong transfer from Port to Royal Memberamo hotel for check in. Lunch and dinner at Hotel.


Sorong - Next Destination (B)

After breakfast at hotel, transfer to Airport for your flight to next destination

Ending of our service

Raja Ampat Tour
Raja Ampat Tour Package
Raja Ampat Papua Tour

raja ampat diving tour
raja ampat diving tour
raja ampat diving tour

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