For those who fancy the majestic mountainous views and exploring craters, it is highly recommended that you visit two of the most fabulous and phenomenal tourism spots in East Java. We offer you Bromo Ijen tour Package optioncovering mount BromoIjen crater-Blue Flame in 3 days and 2 nights. These three tourism destinations are just among the most breathtaking destinations that you should include in your wish list of your annual vacation. This particular tour package has been extensively recognized among local and international tourists, especially during the school holidays. For those who have never visited any of these natural gems, you will be amazed by the natural beauty that each poses. mount bromo indonesia tour

The Ijen crater tour has distinctive interest, which has been well recognized by the mining activities conducted by locals. You can encounter the spectacular mining process which is done by using only limited tools and the sulphur which is delivered right from the bottom of the crater by foot. The amount of time needed to complete Mount Bromo Ijen Crater blue flame tour Package is more or less five hours. The distance coverage, though it may be rather far and exhaustive, will not make tourists disappointed to go exploring these two tourism objects.

Holiday Tour offer a complete Bromo tour package in reasonable price : mount bromo indonesia tour

DEPARTURE/RETURN LOCATION Hotel in Malang/ Airport Malang/ Airport Surabaya
DEPARTURE TIME Tour will be pick upat 09.00 AM
RETURN TIME Approximately 03:30 PM.
  • Hat
  • Sunscreen,
  • Insect repellent,
  • Sport shoes.
Private Transfer From Hotelin Jogja WD vehicle for the journey (1.5 hours drive journey)
Jeep Profesional driver Tour Transportation
Merapi Volcano entrance ticket & donation Cave Tubing Equipment
Guide tips

The schedule/ittinerary of the tour may be adjusted to the curent conditions.
mount bromo indonesia tour

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Day 1

Surabaya/Malang to Bromo Tourism Resort

  • The trip is started from Surabaya or Malang. You can choose to be picked up either at the airport or train station.
  • Afterward, you will be directed right to the Bromo Tourism Resort. The trip to the resort will take up to approximately 3.5 hours.
  • When you have reached the resort area, you will check in at one of the hotels located near the resort, then you can have free program at the hotel you choose.

Day 2

Bromo Sunrise Tour – Ijen Crater Tourism Resort

  • The second day of Bromo sunrise Tour Package Ijen Crater-Blue Flame is started by hiking.
  • The Sunrise Tour hike is started from the hotel you have checked in at 3:30 am. You will be picked up by a jeep which will take you all the way to the view point where you can enjoy the spectacular sunrise, Bromo Sunrise.
  • The top of the view point is the most beautiful spot as the view point to enjoy the sunrise. Right from that point, you will see panoramic view of mount Bromo perfectly. You can see the range of hills and fields under.
  • Of course, you can only have such a fascinating experience if the weather is friendly. After you have done enjoying the view of Bromo sunrise, you can go down to Bromo’s sea of sand by Bromo jeep to the main destination, Mount Bromo.
  • From the parking area of Bromo jeep, you need to continue the trip on foot to the crater of Mount Bromo. In case you cannot make the walk, you can have an alternative by renting horse.
  • There are a lot of horses offered to take you around Bromo tourism resort. When you have had enough enjoying the view of Mount Bromo, you can go exploring the crater of Mount Bromo.
  • At the end of your trip at Mount Bromo, the jeep will take you back to the hotel for breakfast, shower, and packing. As you finish packing your stuff, then you need to check out from the hotel and proceed to Ijen Crater.
  • The trip to the next destination will take 5 hours by car. Reaching the next destination, you can check in at hotel and have some rest before you go on the next tour.

Day 3

Ijen Blue Flame Tour – Surabaya/ Ketapang ferry port

  • On the third day of Bromo Tour Package Ijen Crater and Blue Flame, you need to start the tour at 01:00 am to go to Ijen Crater. This is the perfect time to spot the well-recognized Blue Fire.
  • You will reach the Paltuding entrance at 2:00 am. Right from that point, you will go on foot hiking Mount Ijen for about 3 Km with tour guide who will take you to the location of Blue Fire at the bottom of Ijen Crater.
  • After enjoying the Blue Fire phenomenon, you can go back to the top of Ijen crater to see the night view of Ijen crater from above, where you can see the overall crater adorned by Blue Fire. And also you can enjoy the view of green acid lake, sulfuric crater dome with yellowish colour, local miners activity loading sulfur from the bottom of the crater.
  • At the end of tour, you can go back to the hotel and start your trip back to Surabaya or Ketapang Ferry port. That will be the end of your Mount Bromo Ijen blue flame tour Package
    mount bromo indonesia tour

ijen crater tour

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